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ADAS Engineer (m/f) Battery R&D Engineer (m/f) Battery System Mechanical Engineer – Casting/Moulding (m/f) Battery Systems Documentation Engineer (m/f) Battery Systems Engineer (m/f) Battery Systems Mechanical Engineer – Cooling (m/f) Battery Systems Mechanical Engineer – Weldments (m/f) Battery Test Engineer - Safety (m/f) Battery Test Engineer (m/f) BCU Embedded Hardware Developer - Interfaces (m/f) BCU Embedded Software Engineer - Interfaces (m/f) BCU Embedded Software Engineer (m/f) BMS Embedded Hardware Engineer (m/f) BMS Embedded Software Engineer (m/f) CNC Operater na 5-osnom stroju (m/ž) Concept Engineer (m/f) Control Systems Engineer (m/f) Control Systems Integrator (m/f) Data Collection & Test Technician (m/f) Data Collection Labeler (m/f) Driver Monitoring Research Engineer (m/f) Electrical integrator (m/f) Electrical Testing Equipment Developer (m/f) Embedded Hardware Engineer BCU/VCU (m/f) Embedded Software Engineer - M2M (m/f) Embedded Software Engineer – Matlab2C (m/f) Embedded Software Engineer (ADAS) (m/f) Embedded Software Engineer Intern (m/f) Event Manager (m/f) Expert CAE engineer – CFD (m/f) Expert CAE engineer – FEM (m/f) Frontend Web Developer (m/f) FSB Dani karijera (m/ž) Functional Safety Manager (ISO 26262) Gearbox ME Expert (m/f) Gearbox Mechanical Engineer (m/f) Hardware Design Engineer (m/f) Head of Dyno and Test Equipment Development (m/f) Head-Up Display Optical Engineer and Opto-Mechanical Engineer (m/f) IVI Embedded Hardware Engineer (m/f) Junior Backend Web Developer (m/f) Junior ERP Implementation Administrator (m/f) Junior Power Electronics Engineer (m/f) Junior Qt GUI Developer (m/f) Junior Software Tester (m/f) M2M Embedded Hardware Engineer (m/f) ME Integrator (m/f) Mechanical Engineer – Wiring and Harness (m/f) Mechanical Engineer (m/f) MobileApp Developer (m/f) Motion & Path Planning Engineer (m/f) Motor Development Engineer (m/f) Open Application Plant Manager (m/f) PLM Administrator & Catia Automation Specialist (m/f) Power Electronics Expert - Charger (m/f) Power Electronics Expert - DC-DC (m/f) Power Electronics Expert (m/f) Prakse/Internship Program Quality Leader (m/f) Scene Understanding Research Engineer (m/f) Senior Backend Web Developer (m/f) Senior Body & Closures Mechanical Engineer (m/f) Senior C++ Software Engineer (m/f) Senior DMU Mechanical Engineer (m/f) Senior Mechanical Engineer – Chassis (m/f) Senior Powertrain Mechanical Engineer (m/f) Senior Trims Mechanical Engineer (m/f) Senior Vehicle CAE Engineer - Vehicle (m/f) Senior Vehicle CFD Engineer - Vehicle (m/f) Simulation and Modelling Engineer (m/f) Software Developer for Android Auto (m/f) Software Developer for Apple CarPlay (m/f) SQE Supplier Quality Engineer (m/f) System Calibration Specialist (m/f) Technical Lead (m/f) Tehničar kompozita (m/ž) Tehničar za izradu električnih intalacija i sklapanja komponenti (m/ž) Tehničar za sklapanje baterijskih sustava (m/ž) Tehničar za testiranje (m/ž) Test and Validation Engineer (m/f) Test Engineer – Embedded Tester (m/f) Testing Manager - Vehicle (m/f) Tools and Augmented Reality Software Engineer (m/f) Transportation Design Intern (m/f) User Experience Designer (m/f) VCU Developer (Embedded SW Integrator) (m/f) Vehicle Performance Engineer - Aerodynamic, HVAC (m/f) Vehicle Performance Engineer - durability, strength, functionality (m/f) Vehicle Performance Engineer - NVH, Vehicle-Dynamic (m/f) Vehicle Performance Engineer - safety (m/f) Vehicle Software Specialist (m/f) Virtual Analysis Manager - Vehicle (m/f) Voditelj odjela sigurnosti na radu i zaštite okoliša (m/f) Wiring developer (m/f)

About Us

Our Story

Rimac Automobili was founded with the vision to create the sportscar of the 21st century. Soon it was clear that we first had to invent various technologies to make this possible and that those technologies could do much more.

Today, we are unleashing the full potential of Nikola Tesla’s invention, the alternating current electric motor, in many ways and industries.


Rimac Automobili employs a vast variety of engineers and craftsmen. We often get asked how to become a part of Rimac Automobili family. If you are guided by the same passion and motivation as our employees we invite you to apply to our open positions.

Disclaimer: On all of our job adds, regardless of the name of job position, both male and female candidates are welcomed to apply.


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