Control Systems Engineer (m/f)

Sv. Nedelja, Croatia

Rimac Automobili is looking for an engineer to help build the next generation of electric vehicle control and state estimation systems.

As a Control Systems Engineer, you will design algorithms which use various vehicle sensors to determine the vehicle state – its position, speed, available amount of traction etc. You will then design algorithms to safely and accurately control that state, using the unique powertrain configuration of a multi-motor electric vehicle.

In addition to achieving specific performance targets, vehicle control must also produce a superior driver feeling. You will work closely with test drivers, racing drivers and customers in order to understand what makes a vehicle enjoyable to drive.

1. Responsibilities :

• Developing state estimation algorithms for electric vehicles and their components

• Developing control algorithms for electric vehicles and their components

• Performing Model-in-the-loop testing

• Using optimization algorithms with test automation to quickly test multiple hypotheses and converge on optimal solutions

• Defining and overseeing Hardware-in-the-loop and real-world vehicle testing

• Analysis and interpretation of test data

• Documenting test results and producing technical documentation

• Communicating and coordinating with people of different technical backgrounds (e.g. mechanical and electrical engineers, test drive, etc.)

2. Requirements:

• Advanced knowledge of linear and nonlinear estimation techniques

• Advanced knowledge of classical and nonlinear control theory

• Proficiency in the use of optimization algorithms

• Experience with at least one commercial simulation package (e.g. Simulink, Dymola, Modelica)

• Advanced knowledge of data analysis and visualization (using Python, MATLAB or similar)

• Strong programming skills in at least one imperative programming language

• Familiarity with C/C++

• Good knowledge of English in writing and speaking

• Master's degree in the relevant field of study

3. Considered as an advantage:

• Machine learning algorithms

• Model Predictive Control

• Model-based design in MATLAB

• IPG CarMaker

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