IVI Embedded Hardware Engineer (m/f)

Sv. Nedelja, Croatia

This position requires the employee to work in the Components Department at Rimac Automobili. As an Embedded Hardware Engineer, you will be working with Embedded Hardware and Software Engineers in an open plan workspace.

The candidate for this position will be a part of the engineering team that will work on the development of IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) device for the Rimac Automobili vehicles and OEM projects.

Your involvement will be required in every step of the development process: definition of requirements, feasibility study, architecture design, system design, testing, validation, system optimization and preparation for serial production.

1. Responsibilities:

• Performing selections of components and developing Schematics and PCB design files for different parts of the system, such as: linear or switching power supplies, digital low and high current outputs, analog and digital inputs, communication interfaces, processor and control logic, onboard diagnostics, logging memory, etc.

• Participating in the design of components which must be in compliance with automotive industry standards, in terms of EMC, ESD, safety, vibrations, environmental, and various other requirements.

• Providing support for Software Engineers during software development.

• Working closely with Mechanical Engineers during the housing development process regarding the positioning, electrical routing and thermal analysis.

• Providing support to production and assembly during the production of prototypes

• Defining tests and conducting them at the in-house test facilities, external laboratory houses and performing field testing on test vehicles to validate design functionality of the prototypes and the final device

2. Requirements:

• 3+ years of professional experience in electronics (hardware) development

• Master’s degree in the relevant field of study

• Experience with various digital and analog electronics, such as: operational amplifiers and their variations for analog signal processing, analog switches and multiplexers, ADCs, linear and switching power supplies, power supply protections, MCUs, application processors, logical digital devices, communication interfaces (SPI, I2C, UART, CAN, LIN, FlexRay), etc.

• Experience with complex processor architectures (e.g. multicore ARM application processor) in terms of schematic and PCB development is a plus

• Experience with high speed design (high-speed memory, display and camera interfaces) is a plus

• The candidate should have experience with designing multilayer PCBs (4+ layers)

• Experience with Altium Designer is a plus

• The candidate should be able to understand and localize potential noises and interference sources in schematics and the PCBs, and find solutions to minimize them

• Basic understanding of the general automotive electrical architecture and the typical electrical devices inside of a car is desirable

• The candidate should have experience with the mechanical integration of PCBs in the enclosures and be able to understand mechanical requirements

• The candidate should be able to work in a multidisciplinary team with other Hardware, Software, Mechanical and System Engineers

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