Junior ERP Implementation Administrator (m/f)

Sv. Nedelja, Croatia

This job is not available any more.

We are looking for a specialist who will, with time, learn every dark corner of our ERP software, provide support in business process improvement and have the answers on when and what needs to happen in order to follow each administrative aspect of R&D, as well as the manufacturing process of our unique products.

1. Responsibilities:

• Administration, configuration and adjustment of the ERP system (OpenERP)

• Administration and controlling of the Bill Of Materials, Manufacturing orders, Inventory management and other process related documentation

• Understanding, mapping and analysing business needs and processes

• Continuously identifying potential improvements of the system, based on business needs

• Providing on-site support to internal users (finding and resolving problems, explaining ERP modules and services, instructing the use of software, etc.)

• Continuously cooperating with external software vendors to ensure maximum functionality

2. Desirable qualifications:

• A Bachelor's degree (preferably in Business Analysis, Managerial Informatics or Industrial Management)

• Experience in the administration of manufacturing ERP applications is a plus

3. Our ideal candidate is: 

• Calm, patient and kind

• Proactive, responsible and diligent

• Able to communicate complex day-to-day issues to internal users in a professional, friendly and understandable manner

• Willing to adopt new knowledge to enhance business efficiency

• Logical and systematic, extremely oriented to details and methodical

• Fluent in English