Simulation and Modelling Engineer (m/f)

Sv. Nedelja, Croatia

This job is not available any more.

Rimac Automobili is looking for an engineer to take over the job of building and using mathematical models of high-power electric vehicles.

As a Simulation and Modelling Engineer, you will plan bench tests and test-drives to acquire real-world data. Using this data, you will build dynamic models of complete vehicles (such as the Rimac Concept_one) or individual vehicle components. You will then use the models to answer performance questions, identify issues or potential improvements and predict the behavior of vehicles still in development.

Your work will be the foundation used to develop estimation and control algorithms, and it will influence engineering decisions in various departments. Strong communication skills, represented in the ability to explain your work to people of different technical backgrounds and understand their feedback, will be essential.

1. Responsibilities:

• Building, identifying and validating mathematical dynamic models of:

                    o Mechanical vehicle components (suspension, steering, tires)

                    o Electrical vehicle powertrain components (battery, inverters, motors)

                    o A simplified complete vehicle (e.g. bicycle model)

                    o A full vehicle, using commercial software packages

• Maintaining a library of component and vehicle models, linked with test data

• Running simulations to predict performance, identify problems and suggest improvements

• Defining and overseeing real-world tests of components and complete vehicles

• Analysis and interpretation of test data

• Documenting test results and producing technical documentation

• Communicating and coordinating with people of different technical backgrounds (e.g. mechanical and electrical engineers, test drivers, etc.)

2. Requirements:

• Advanced knowledge of mathematical modeling of dynamic nonlinear systems

• Experience in using optimization algorithms for fitting models to data

• Experience with at least one commercial simulation package (e.g. Simulink, Dymola, Modelica)

• Advanced knowledge of data analysis and visualization (using Python, MATLAB or similar)

• Solid grounding in physics, particularly classical mechanics

• Basic knowledge of electrical engineering

• Good knowledge of English in writing and speaking

• Master's degree in the relevant field of study

• At least 1 year of professional experience

3. Considered as an advantage:

• Machine learning algorithms

• HIL testing

• Estimation algorithms

• Control theory