Technical Lead (m/f)

Sv. Nedelja, Croatia

Rimac Automobili is looking for an experienced automotive engineer willing to take over the responsibility of leading a multidisciplinary team through many interesting challenges.

As a Technical Lead, you will make sure that the team has everything that it needs to develop state-of-the-art components and successfully integrate them into many extraordinary vehicles. You will help the team make the best technical solutions for any possible challenges which they might come across. You will also have to make sure that the entire process is done according to all automotive and quality standards.

A previous experience in product development of similar products is mandatory. Strong communication skills, represented in the ability to coordinate people of different technical backgrounds and understand their feedback, will be essential.

1. Responsibilities:

• Provision of technical and analytical guidance to a multidisciplinary project team

• Supervision of the project team during the design, development and integration of automotive components into the vehicles (batteries, e-motors, inverters, chargers, infotainment, etc.)

• Coordination of project requirements with the customer

• Ensuring that the project is finished successfully and on time

• Ensuring adherence to quality standards and automotive regulations

• Providing guidance in analysis and solutions to problems

• Support in acquiring new projects

2. Main tasks :

• Coordination and management of a multidisciplinary team comprised of electrical, mechanical, safety, durability and other engineers

• Revision and approval of technical solutions, project deliverables and validation plans

• Verification of technical and integration documentation

• Organization of regular project related technical meetings

• Communication with customers about requirements and presentation of technical solutions

• Support in the generation of new engineering solutions

3. Requirements:

• Extensive experience in product development

• Extensive experience in team management

• Extensive professional background in engineering

• Excellent understanding of overall vehicle components and functionalities

• A problem solver

• Self-organized and goal-oriented

• Very good knowledge of English (written and spoken) is essential

• At least 7 years of professional experience

• Master’s degree in the relevant field of study

4. Considered as an advantage:

• Extensive experience in the development and integration of products in the automotive sector

• Good knowledge of production technology

• Broad experience in engineering

• Understanding of electro-mechanical components

• Knowledge of multiple languages

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