Thermal Engineer (m/f)

Sveta Nedelja, Croatia

This job is not available any more.

Although Rimac Automobili is a young company, we are already very well known for our technology solutions. Our teams at Rimac Automobili deliver hard-core technological solutions of the future every day for various customers and applications. Even though our customers are mainly fellow vehicle manufacturers, other industries are interested in what we have to offer as well. This is why we are looking for a Thermal Engineer to complete our forward-thinking team. Your role will be to rethink, build and improve heating and cooling solutions.

The ideal candidate for this position must have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics, as well as a very analytical approach to work. You must be ready to question the status quo and take an innovative approach to work at every turn. We can guarantee an unforgettable ride. Apply to join the team – we look forward to talking to you.

1. Responsibilities:

• Intuitive and thorough understanding of the steady-state laminar flow of incompressible fluids

• Intuitive and thorough understanding of lumped system analysis as applied to heat transfer

• Understanding of heat generation in high-voltage electric vehicle components

• Using commercial software packages to study more complex fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena

• Finding specific components through research and contact with suppliers and other departments

• Building mathematical models of specific components using data supplied by the manufacturer

• Maintaining an internal library of components available from different manufacturers, linked with test data and mathematical component models

• Defining the functionality requested from the complete cooling / thermal system for a specific vehicle

• Defining the cooling / thermal system layout on a structural level

• Checking and validating the CAD model of the cooling / thermal system

• Integrating the cooling / thermal system with other systems and components

• Communicating and iterating on various thermal inputs received for different systems and from different customers/departments.

• Documenting test results and producing technical documentation.

• Keeping an overview of the project timeline and to adapt the solution to time constraints

2. Work Tasks:

• Building and validating simplified mathematical models of cooling system components

• Building and validating simplified mathematical models of heat generation in high-voltage electric vehicle components (electric motor, power inverter, DC/DC, HV Charger)

• FEA simulation of coolant flow and thermal characteristics of a component/system

• Producing technical and integration documentation

• Defining and overseeing validation tests

• Analysis of test data using a non-spreadsheet data analysis framework

• Supporting the final testing of products and systems

3. Requirements:

• At least 3 years of professional experience

• Master's degree in the relevant field of study

• Advanced knowledge of CAD software (Catia or Solidworks preferable)

• Advanced knowledge of data analysis (using Python, Matlab or similar)

• Advanced knowledge of the mathematical modeling of dynamic systems

• Experience with at least one commercial simulation package (e.g. Simulink, Dymola, Modelica)

• Experience in thermal/cooling system development

• Self-organized and goal oriented

• Good English in writing and speaking is mandatory

• Good understanding of overall vehicle components and functionality

4. Considered as an advantage:

• Experience in developing and integrating thermal systems in automotive sector

• Good understanding of production technology

• Broad engineering experience

• Experience with Ansys Fluent software

• Hands-on approach in testing and defining thermal parameters