Virtual Analysis Manager - Vehicle (m/f)

Sv. Nedelja, Croatia

Rimac Automobili develops the world's fastest and most exciting electric vehicles – both our own cars such as the Concept_One and its successors, but also for many of the major brands in the industry. We are currently looking for a Virtual Analysis Manager who will lead our team of Virtual Analysis Engineers and make sure we use optimal tools on each of our projects. The candidate will be a technical-reference person for all our virtual analysis engineers and because of that should have extensive experience with CAE analysis as well as with HyperWorks, LS-DYNA, ADAMS/Motion-view, MATLAB.

1. Responsibilities:

• Be the technical-reference person for all Virtual Analysis engineers

                o CAE: crash, stiffness, strength, NVH, optimization

                o CFD: aerodynamic, cooling

• Ensure the coherence between the Virtual Analysis methods chosen for different projects within Rimac Automobili 

• Lead and manage the Virtual Analysis department

• Be Operative to perform and post process all type of CAE analysis

                o CRASH simulations with RADIOSS

                o LINEAR and NON-LINEAR simulations with OPTISTRUCT

                        • Stiffness

                        • Strength

                        • NHV

                o OPTIMIZATION with OPTISTRUCT

• Be operative to propose modifications to reach functional performance targets

                o Propose and design them in HYPERMESH and/or CATIA

• Develop methodologies

• Perform the correlations between real tests and virtual analysis

2. Work Tasks:

• Set goals and targets for the Virtual Analysis department

• Organize work and delegate tasks within the department

• Make sure all tasks get completed on time

• Provide support and help to engineers that are a part of the team

• Allocate resources responsibly

• Turn customer requirements into technical specifications

• Analyze CAE models and complete analysis of vehicle structures

• Make a plan for CAE analysis and when they take place

• Suggest and implement new tools, processes, and methods

• Report to the Head of the Department regularly

• Ensure that all work carried out is in compliance with company design, safety, quality, environmental compliance and procedural standards

3. Requirements:

• Bachelor or higher Degree

• At least 10 years of experience in automotive industry is required

• Very good knowledge of English (written and spoken)

• Previous experience in CAE analysis (static, fatigue, strength, crash, NVH)

• Previous experience with HyperWorks (hm, hw, RADIOSS, OPTISTRUCT), LS-DYNA, ADAMS/Motion-view, MATLAB

• Leadership skills

• Great organizational and planning skills

• Good presentation and negotiation skills

• Application and CV have to be in English

4. Considered as an advantage:

• German (spoken and written)

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