Wiring developer (m/f)

Sv. Nedelja, Croatia

This position requires the employee to work in the Components Department at Rimac Automobili. As a Wiring developer, you will be working among Electrical and Battery System engineers in an open plan workspace.

You will be part of the Components department of Rimac Automobili and you will be involved in OEM projects, along with internal company projects.

Your involvement will be required during different project phases, such as the architecture design, system design, integration, validation, system optimization and preparation for serial production.

1. Responsibilities:

• Development of wiring between different control units of the whole vehicle and inside of different subsystems, such as the battery packs, power distribution units, inverters, etc.

• Development of the pinout and connection schemes documentation

• Selection of the connectors and wires dependent on their requirements, such as current carrying capability, insulation, EMI immunity and other mechanical requirements

• Participating in the design of systems which must be in compliance with the automotive industry standards, in terms of EMC, ESD, safety, vibrations, environmental, and other automotive requirements

• Preparing documentation for the serial production of wiring harnesses

• Providing support and preparing documentation for the wiring testing teams

• Providing support for Electrical and Mechanical engineers in the system design phase

• Providing support for the Wiring assembly teams during production

2. Requirements:

• 2+ years of professional experience in electrical engineering

• Understanding the requirements for wire current carrying capability, insulation and other electrical and mechanical requirements

• Understanding and localizing potential electrical noise and interference sources in the wiring, and finding solutions to minimize them

• Basic experience with Altium Designer, Inventor or Catia v5 is a plus

• Basic hands-on experience with wire crimping and connector assembly

• Basic understanding of the general automotive electrical architecture and typical electrical devices inside of a car is a plus

• Experience with the mechanical integration of the wiring in the enclosures and the ability to understand mechanical requirements is a plus

• Working in a multidisciplinary team with other Electrical, Mechanical and System Engineers

• Master’s degree in the relevant field of study

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